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In the last EIGHT years, Cash4Candy

has collected over 6 tons of candy and has made a big impact on children's health.  Kids from all over joined Cash4Candy on November 1st to trade their candy for money and have fun. Our focus is to create sugar awareness and it's devastating effects on children. We CAN teach our children that they can have fun without the over-consumption of sugar.

This free, not-for-profit community event, held at Petaluma Dental Group's Wellness Campus, has a carnival atmosphere with prizes and toys.  Many of the mothers attending said that they bring their kids to Cash4Candy every year and their kids wouldn't miss it!



Bring the Kids! 

Have fun, trade your candy for   $1 a pound and win prizes!


3:00 - 5:00 PM

Petaluma Dental Group

1301 Southpoint Blvd. Petaluma,CA 

( 707) 762-0067

KZST features Cash4Candy

Listen as our own, Dr. Yolanda Mangrum is interviewed on KZST about Cash4Candy

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